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Boost your well-being instantly!
Fiber Shake offers a swift, delicious solution to your busy schedule. Just seconds to prepare, it delivers long-lasting satisfaction and a divine taste experience. 
Now in 7 enticing flavors! 😋 Elevate your health journey—click below for more insights. 👇

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“The best healthy drink in the world.”
“The best healthy drink in the world.”
– London, 2021
“Chocolate and salted caramel flavor awarded by Michelin-starred chefs.”
“Chocolate and salted caramel flavor awarded by Michelin-starred chefs.”
– Brussels, 2022, 2023
“Red Dot Design Award”
“Red Dot Design Award”
– Berlin, 2019


If your daily issues include constant hunger, frequent bloating, or digestive problems, it's likely that you're not consuming enough fiber.

To ensure proper digestion and a healthy gut flora, you should aim to consume 30g of fiber daily. Unfortunately, the average Western diet only provides 15-20g of fiber.

For comparison, this missing 10g is roughly equivalent to 400g of broccoli. In a single serving of FiberShake, we've managed to pack in this missing 10g of fiber, and not just any fiber.


It matters what type of fiber you consume. Essentially, there are two types of fiber:

✓💧 Water-soluble, prebiotic fibers (such as inulin, onions, garlic, artichokes, etc.) nourish the bacteria in your gut flora.

🚫💧 Water-insoluble fibers (examples include oats, chickpeas, bulgur, etc.) support your digestion.

The 10g of fiber in FiberShake is carefully composed to include both types of fiber.

This means you no longer have to count or choose between different types of fiber – just mix it with 200ml (~7oz) of liquid and enjoy the wonderful effects of fiber.



Simply mix it with cold water, milk, or your favorite milk substitute, and after just 1 minute, FiberShake transforms into a thick, drinkable wonder.

✨ If you prefer to spoon it like a pudding instead of a shake, just wait for 4 minutes! The beneficial fibers thicken into a very tasty, creamy dessert. You can start spooning it! 🥄



Low lactose content (1g per serving)

Low lactose content (1g per serving)

Absorbable carbohydrates

Absorbable carbohydrates

Nutritional value per serving

Nutritional value per serving

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information


Our special activé fiber blend includes psyllium husk, guar gum, and inulin to provide the product's fiber content and smooth texture.


One serving of FiberShake contains a total carbohydrate content of 8.4g, but only 5.2g are absorbable, as polyols (e.g., erythritol) do not get absorbed and have 0 calories.


Whey protein ensures that you not only feel satisfied but also provide your body with the necessary nutrients.


The nutritional value varies depending on the flavor, but there is a maximum of 136 kcal per serving, yet it provides nutrition and keeps you satisfied for hours.

Nutritional Information
Choose a flavor for the nutritional information..

When do you consume it?

Healthy breakfast in 1 minute.

Light dinner.

Quick office lunch.

Afternoon snack.

How do we make FiberShake?

How do we make FiberShake?

We gently and carefully mix the various selected ingredients.

Then, we measure them out individually and pack them for you, so you can take them with you wherever you go.

What are FiberShakes made from?


Most dietary products are sweetened with
artificial sweeteners. The most common ones include sucralose, acesulfame-K,
and aspartame.


Their advantage is that they taste very
similar to sugar (for instance, sucralose is derived from chlorinated sugar)
and they are very cost-effective due to industrial production.


Unfortunately, recent clinical studies have
shown that these sweeteners can be extremely harmful to the gut flora. For
example, one study found that 12 weeks of sucralose consumption reduced the
number of gut bacteria by 50%, similar to an antibiotic treatment.


When your gut flora is damaged, it can
affect everything from your weight to your immune system and even your mood


That's why in FiberShake, almost uniquely,
we use natural, gut-friendly sweeteners: erythritol and stevia.


Our goal is to support your gut flora with
fibers and not harm it with sweeteners.


Our goal was to create fiber shake that we would
enjoy consuming every day ourselves.


That's why we use real ingredients for the
flavors. Here are three examples:


🍫 For
the chocolate FiberShake, we import pastry-grade cocoa from Belgium and add a
pinch of sea salt to enhance the cocoa's distinctive flavor.

☕️ In the
coffee flavors, we use real Arabica coffee, and you'll see tiny brown coffee
granules when you open it.

🥜 The
peanut butter flavor is made with real peanut butter powder. It's like drinking
liquid peanut butter, but one serving contains only 136 kcal.


Taste can be subjective, but what's not
subjective is that FiberShake's flavor was awarded the Superior Taste Award by
a blind taste test conducted by a 200-member jury.


And this jury was no ordinary jury. They
included world-renowned chefs and sommeliers, with a combined total of 86
Michelin stars among them, gathering annually in Brussels.


FiberShake won the Superior Taste Award in
this prestigious competition.


Xanthan gum, also known as xanthan, is a
versatile ingredient used in various food products. It has several beneficial
properties and is often used to prevent clumping and provide a smooth
consistency in shakes and other liquid-based products like FiberShake.


Sodium carbonate, also known as silicon
dioxide, has many beneficial properties that help ensure your FiberShake is
always clump-free when preparing it. 


An incredibly creamy source of protein for
your body.


20g of whey protein ensures your body gets
the right protein intake.


The lactose-free, fresh milk powder
provides every sip of FiberShake with a silky-smooth experience.


It saturates and supports your gut flora.


The combination of psyllium husk, guar gum,
and inulin provides 10g of fiber per serving for you. These fibers expand when
in contact with liquid, helping you feel satiated for an extended period.

Frequently Asked Question

What is activé FiberShake?
FiberShake is a completely unique, award-winning recipe, high-protein, gut-friendly fiber shake that we created to assist those leading a health-conscious lifestyle. It's ready in seconds, very delicious, and its fiber content helps you feel full for hours. A single serving provides one-third of your daily fiber requirement.
What does FiberShake taste like?
In the United States, we're initially introducing Fiber Shake in the beloved Chocolate and Vanilla flavors, and soon we'll be rolling out the complete spectrum of delicious options. So, keep an eye out for even more palate-pleasing experiences on the horizon! 🍫Chocolate: We've added plenty of Belgian cocoa to the chocolate FiberShake to make it really delicious. It's often compared to a very chocolatey pudding. This is our most popular flavor. 🥰 🍌Chocolate-banana: How can a thick, creamy chocolate pudding be even tastier? Naturally, with banana! 🍦Vanilla: Elegant vanilla flavor, creamy pudding texture, and guilt-free indulgence. A true classic, just like that little black dress in your closet. ☕Caramel frappe: Real arabica coffee spiced up with a touch of caramel. It rivals a Frappuccino in taste but easily beats it in nutritional value. 😉 If you love coffee, you'll adore it. 🍎Cinnamon apple pie: We won't beat around the bush; this is our most divisive flavor. Either you love it or you can't eat it at all, but it's impossible to ignore. If you enjoy cinnamon-apple desserts, this will be your flavor. 🥜Peanut butter: We make it with real peanut butter powder, so it's like drinking liquid peanut butter, but only 136 kcal per serving. We usually say that chocolate is our most popular flavor, but peanut butter is the best. 😍 🍓Strawberry: Our first fruity flavor couldn't be anything other than the intoxicating STRAWBERRY. 🤩 We have strawberry season all year round because it's like sipping a real strawberry smoothie. 😋. 🧂🍬Salted caramel: Our most unique flavor to date, the saltiest in the FiberShake flavor palette. 😍 The heavenly meeting of caramel and real sea salt. It's a worthy competitor to our peanut butter flavor, as it quickly became a crowd favorite after its release. It's recommended for true gourmets! 😋 +1 🎃Pumpkin spice latte: Limited, winter edition. Colombian freeze-dried coffee, real pumpkin powder, and a Christmas spice flavor extravaganza for chilly days.
What is the texture like?
It's up to you! 🤗 After one minute, you'll get a pleasant, thick, cocoa-like texture, but after 4 minutes, it transforms into a pudding-like consistency. You get to decide which one you prefer!
When should I drink (or eat? 🙄)FiberShake?
For Breakfast: Enjoy it on your way to work, or simply toss it in your bag and sip on it while reading morning emails at the office. For a Snack: When lunch or dinner seems far away, or when you just want a healthy nibble. For Dinner: If you're following a low-carb diet and are pondering over what to have for a satisfying dinner. That's why we removed energizing guarana from the recipe, so except for the coffee flavors, none of the FiberShake variants contain caffeine.
Should I have it with water or milk?
To ensure that FiberShake is truly your anytime, anywhere companion, we designed it to taste great with water as well. When prepared with milk, it becomes slightly sweeter and creamier. If you have a less sweet tooth, you'll prefer it with water. 😋 Extra tip: Use ice-cold water, milk, or a plant-based milk substitute. We believe it tastes best that way. 🤤
How much caffeine is in FiberShake?
If you choose a non-coffee flavor, then there is no caffeine at all. 😊 ☕ However, in the caramel frappe flavor, real coffee is used, which amounts to a total of 50 mg of caffeine per FiberShake serving. For comparison, a cup of milky coffee contains approximately 80 mg of caffeine.
What makes FiberShake satisfying?
The beneficial fibers absorb liquid and help you feel full for hours.
Do I need a shaker for it?
Not necessarily, but it's highly useful and, in our opinion, a beautiful accessory to enjoy your shake from. We make it from stainless steel so that it can be your loyal companion for years, and it has no inner edges, making it easy to keep clean. Plus, it's dishwasher safe. 😉
Why do you recommend drinking a glass of water afterwards?
The fibers in FiberShake expand with the added liquid. The more water you drink after consuming your FiberShake, the longer it will keep you feeling full. 😋
Can you lose weight with FiberShake?
FiberShake alone is not a miracle solution, but we believe it's a fantastic aid for a low-carb diet, as it contains only 5g of "absorbable" carbohydrates per serving, including just 1g of added sugar. Additionally, the condition of your gut flora plays a significant role in weight loss, and a fiber-rich diet is crucial for a healthy gut flora. So, weight loss and fiber are closely linked. 😉
Why is there 1g of sugar per serving in FiberShake?
When the idea for FiberShake came to us, we knew we didn't want to use artificial sweeteners under any circumstances. 🍃 Additionally, it was crucial for us to provide you with a genuinely satisfying dessert-like experience when consuming it. 🍨 The 1 gram of sugar was included alongside stevia and erythritol because it makes a significant difference in taste, while only adding 4 extra calories. Thanks to the 10g of fiber, this minimal sugar doesn't pose a problem, as the fibers help stabilize your blood sugar levels. 😊
Is the FiberShake box recyclable?
YES! 😊 Environmental protection is important to us, which is why we make the FiberShake box from recyclable paper. ♻ 🌳 We use paper exclusively with FSC certification, which means the wood material comes from forests that have been examined and certified based on the correct social, economic, and environmental standards. These trees are specifically planted to produce paper. Feel free to place it in the recycling bin, but you can also find other creative ways to recycle it. Some people use it for storing their children's Lego sets👦, and one of our customers, who works as a nail technician, happily shared that the FiberShake box is the perfect size for storing her essential brushes.😉
Can people with diabetes and insulin resistance consume it?
We have several customers with diabetes and insulin resistance who enjoy FiberShake. Each serving of FiberShake contains approximately 4 grams of absorbable carbohydrates, depending on the flavor. Thanks to the 10 grams of fiber, feedback suggests that it doesn't cause a sudden spike in blood sugar levels. If you have insulin resistance, you can incorporate a delicious FiberShake into your diet as a main meal or snack, even in the form of pudding. You can also prepare microwave cakes or cup desserts with it. If you don't prepare it with water, remember to account for the carbohydrate content of the plant-based milk you use! When made with milk, it's safer to consider it as "quick" carbs. 🤗
Can children drink it? From what age is it recommended?
Since the amount of fiber and protein in a single serving of FiberShake can already exceed a child's recommended daily intake, we do not recommend it for children under 12 years old.👧
Can FiberShake be consumed during pregnancy?
FiberShake uses only natural sweeteners, so it doesn't contain aspartame, sucralose, acesulfame-K, or any other artificial sweeteners. Due to this and its high fiber content, we have many expectant mothers among our customers. The only thing that might raise questions is the caffeine content in the caramel frappe and limited pumpkin spice latte flavors, which contain coffee ☕. The coffee flavors contain 50 mg of caffeine per FiberShake serving. For comparison, a cup of milky coffee contains approximately 80 mg of caffeine. If you have reservations about consuming coffee/caffeine during pregnancy, we recommend the 🍫chocolate, 🍌chocolate-banana, 🍦vanilla, 🥜peanut butter, 🍓strawberry, and 🧂🍬salted caramel flavors, as they do not contain caffeine.
Can FiberShake be consumed while breastfeeding?
We have several breastfeeding mothers among our customers, and the only thing that might raise questions is the caffeine content in the caramel frappe and limited pumpkin spice latte flavors, which contain coffee ☕. The coffee flavors contain 50 mg of caffeine per FiberShake serving. For comparison, a cup of milky coffee contains approximately 80 mg of caffeine. If you have reservations about consuming coffee/caffeine while breastfeeding, we recommend the 🍫chocolate, 🍌chocolate-banana, 🍦vanilla, 🥜peanut butter, 🍓strawberry, and 🧂🍬salted caramel flavors, as they do not contain caffeine.
Can lactose-intolerant individuals consumeFiberShake?
Each serving of FiberShake contains a total of 1g of lactose. For comparison, 200 ml of milk contains approximately 10g of lactose. 🥛 The good news is that we've received feedback from lactose-intolerant customers who have not experienced any issues with the 1g of lactose. 🙏 However, it may vary depending on individual sensitivity.
Can FiberShake be consumed by individuals with lactose intolerance?
FiberShake contains whey protein, so it cannot be consumed by those with a casein intolerance. 🥛 We are actively working on a vegan version, so it's worth subscribing to our newsletter for updates. 💌
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